As proven with the recent loft discovery and subsequent re-release of two albums by Lewis, a forgotten synth artist from the 80’s (think James Blake’s long lost lothario uncle), we still love a bit of the unknown, a little mystery, especially in these click happy days where any enigma is gone.
Ashrae Fax, a North Carolina [...]

When The Horrors arrived in 2007 with their schlocky, Cramps-indebted debut, Strange House, expectations were pretty low. For them to change their fortunes so drastically was hugely unexpected, with the krautrock sodden Primary Colours of 2009 and the subsequent shift from kosmische to baggy-psych on Skying two years later coming as a shock – especially [...]

Anybody lucky enough to experience Central Tokyo will recall total sensory overload. Shibuya at rush hour is an attack from all sides: a never-ending sea of faces, cars, adverts, lights and noise, all vying for attention coming at you with no place for any kind of respite.

Japanese four piece Bo Ningen encapsulate this feeling perfectly. [...]

There‘s a rare breed of album that totally envelopes you in its sound from beginning to end, encasing you in its grubby claws and tightens its grip when you try to move away. You might not even want to go there, but something pulls you towards it. A thick dirgy sludge of noise, so [...]

One of the greatest rock n roll soundbites of all time was of course from Richie “Manic” Edwards. Back in 1991, with the Manic Street Preachers’ stock rising, he twisted the knife into shoegazers Slowdive by declaring he’d always hate them “more than Hitler”. At the time this was incredibly galvanising, the transparency of the [...]

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