Oasis were already massive by the 1995 release of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?. It was a done deal that this album was going to be big, but twenty two million copies worldwide was not supposed to happen. This was rock music not even flirting with mass mainstream appeal, it was a full on affair [...]

Five piece The Asteroid No 4 – once of Philly and now relocated to San Francisco – have been conjuring this kind of cosmicness since the mid-Nineties. Over eight albums, including a 2013 collaboration with psych royalty Peter Daltrey of 60’s acid prog act Kaleidoscope (who’s ’67 classic Tangerine Dream named that band), they’ve peddled [...]

Paus, a four piece from Lisbon, revel in noise. They’re rock musicians performing something closer to techno by using robust drumming, electronic belches and synthesised atmospherics helping to add beauty to the chaos. This second album follows on from their masterful self-titled debut released back in 2011 and builds on the foundations put in place [...]

White Fence’s Tim Presley, alongside John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) and Ty Segall have the neo- psych thing pretty sewn up: multiple bands, album’s seemingly released every other week, the history of the psychedelic sounds of their San Francisco (Dwyer/Segall) and California (Presley) bases pulsing through their veins.
Presley however, feels no need to ghettoise his [...]

When it was announced that Definitely Maybe was to receive a twentieth anniversary re-package treatment, Liam Gallagher, rather cutely, tweeted to not buy them, “How can you re-master something that’s already been mastered” he asked. A misunderstanding of modern day music reproduction techniques aside, he does have a point, the eleven tracks that make up [...]

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