Back in the Eighties, when freaks definitely were not beautiful, a band performing West Coast psychedelia, but not in a West Coast way, and 10 minute lysergic mantras was a genuinely weird thing. These days, things are so sanitised a band as stagnant as MGMT make a couple of highly average albums and because they [...]

When Canadian duo Crystal Castles emerged in 2006, their Skins endorsed lo-fi techno pop set the template for what was to dominate the European music scene over subsequent years. Calling yourself electro is passé these days, and it’s normally not electro. Drexciya is electro, ‘Planet Rock’ is electro, Crystal Castles and anything contemporary masquerading under [...]

The Hives are another act from the ’school of 2002′, where on the coat-tails of much bigger bands, loads of bands of skinny guys with guitars starting cropping up. The Hives were active long before 2002, Pelle tonight would have you believe they were the first rock band of all-time; “And you know what came [...]

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