Leeds five piece Hookworms’ debut of eighteen months ago quite rightly had many plaudits lauded upon it, for within its mixture of drone, shoegaze, psych, hardcore and post punk, there lied a furious rage lost within the structure of pop music. The subsequent months since said debut have seen them turn into one of the [...]

White Fence’s Tim Presley, alongside John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) and Ty Segall have the neo- psych thing pretty sewn up: multiple bands, album’s seemingly released every other week, the history of the psychedelic sounds of their San Francisco (Dwyer/Segall) and California (Presley) bases pulsing through their veins.
Presley however, feels no need to ghettoise his [...]

After a chance meeting in a vintage shoe shop in London, Argentinean guitarist Max Claps hooked up with Veronica Falls’ guitarist Andrew Hoare to form The Proper Ornaments. Since their inception back in 2010, they’ve taken it slow – releases thus far are pretty sparse, with a couple of EPs and a compilation all that [...]

Anybody lucky enough to experience Central Tokyo will recall total sensory overload. Shibuya at rush hour is an attack from all sides: a never-ending sea of faces, cars, adverts, lights and noise, all vying for attention coming at you with no place for any kind of respite.

Japanese four piece Bo Ningen encapsulate this feeling perfectly. [...]

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