Melbourne based five piece Total Control aren’t a band as such, rather a group of musicians all interlinked by other musical projects coming together to indulge their gloomier sides. Lead vocalist Dan Stewart, a dead poet/philosopher obsessive who heads to the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Yukio Mishima and Maurice Blanchot (he’s a philosophy student) for [...]

On the 18th of May of each year, fans from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the pit of Lancashire known as Macclesfield to pay tribute to Ian Curtis. Coming up to the thirty second year since death at his own hand, the passion of fans has only become more fervent whilst the [...]

Back in 1980, if you’d suggested to any post punk band – Gang of Four, Wire, Scritti, that in 30 years time there will be a band influenced by them but fronted by highly androgynous singer only identifiable as a boy by the camel toe barely covered up in jodhpurs, wearing a cape and the [...]

Peter Hook’s finest achievement in the last 20 years was preventing Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris releasing any more awful albums as New Order. New Order died when Gillian Morris left the band. The two albums released since she left; 2001’s Get Ready and Waiting for the siren’s call in 2005 tarnished the reputation of a [...]

When O.Children appeared unexpectedly last summer with their debut single Dead Disco Dancer, they appeared fully formed. The tunes were a mixture of goth rock, early Bad Seeds and sleazy Cramps sounding songs about fucking with a very London, very now feel.

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