If you’ve been lucky enough to hear Clarao by Portuguese post-rock four piece Paus, you’ll find a natural affinity for this second album from Berlin trio Camera. Kindred spirits in sound, power, noise, they both envelop this musical aggression with electronic warmth which results in something that can be both violent and incredibly fragile at [...]

There‘s a rare breed of album that totally envelopes you in its sound from beginning to end, encasing you in its grubby claws and tightens its grip when you try to move away. You might not even want to go there, but something pulls you towards it. A thick dirgy sludge of noise, so [...]

Produced by Nicolas Vernhe (Deerhunter, Wild Nothing), Dromes, the long awaited debut from London four piece Younghusband, shares the same kind of organised chaos of Bradford Cox’s outfit – but with the amount of restraint you’d expect from any self-respecting shoegaze band.
Younghusband have taken their time here. Their first EP release is now six [...]

It takes guts for a band to put their hands up and acknowledge that what they are doing isn’t working and start again. It’s something that The Horrors did to great effect, also when Joe Lean’s Jing Jang Jong went wrong, they took to their Neu! albums and reinvented themselves as brilliant glumgazers TOY, this [...]

Old review from With Guitars published at the time of release but managed to not put it on my own site, it’s not like, y’know, I’ve just heard The Horrors!
When this Southend five piece came to prominence in 2007 they were rapidly written off by all outside of the Shoreditch set as a bit of [...]

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