When O.Children appeared unexpectedly last summer with their debut single Dead Disco Dancer, they appeared fully formed. The tunes were a mixture of goth rock, early Bad Seeds and sleazy Cramps sounding songs about fucking with a very London, very now feel.

O. Children, the band who rose from the ashes of the departed Bono Must Die are gearing up to become a great addition to British music with the velocity of a shooting star. Formed in 2008, they are preparing to propel themselves into the public’s conscience as one of the most exciting bands not only [...]

For people of a certain age (i.e mine), seeing a band such as The Horrors sum up two things; you’re getting old and your days of high placed cheekbones and skinny jeans have come to an end and been replaced with a nice early night after lines of chocolate flavoured Horlicks before lights out at [...]

It’s easy for a band to rest on their Laurels and become their own covers band. Oasis spring to mind immediately, they did it for 14 years, raked in the cash whilst revisiting the glory days when they were influential and throw out another fogettable rehash of their good stuff and dare to call it [...]

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