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It was all so easy for Ed Banger for a couple of years. Purveyors of prime electro cuts from their base in France they even managed to bag genuine pop hits with the classic ‘We are your friends’ and with Justice, they had an act worthy of comparisons with another electronic duo from France whose [...]

Is the world ready for a Police revival? The answer is of course no but their fourth album ‘Ghost In The Machine’ is definitely a regular spin on the record deck of Frederic Riviere, at some points of this album you almost expect a cod reggae voice to start singing about some twaddle about the [...]

Frederic Riviere is a name due on everybody’s lips over the forthcoming months. After slugging away in dead end rock bands for several years he decided to go it alone in the form of the sublime ‘Nightride with you’ EP in 2008. He has taken his time since and we are now treated with the [...]

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