After five albums (six if you include the 2002’s OK Calculator experiment prior to becoming a full band), you’re in a kinda personal relationship with a band. It’s a long term thing – by now you’re either hungry for that thrill of new aspects to their sound, or just happy they’re still around.
This is an [...]

GusGus have spent their twenty years of existence making a gradual progression from the pastoral electronica of their earlier work on 4AD to something more direct. With an ever changing line up, sometimes nine members, sometimes six, occasionally just two and now a core group of four, they’ve mastered the art of synthesised atmospherics and [...]

Danish producer Anders Trentemøller has hinted at long playing greatness for some time. Previous albums, 2006′s The Last Resort and Into the Great Wide Yonder four years later showed promise, but an over reliance on moodscapes meant they meandered at times, resulting in a lack of cohesion despite containing great standalone tracks.
Lost does not suffer [...]

Greek duo Keep Shelley in Athens (a play on the district Kypseli, in Athens) have slowly burned up to this point, with a couple of EPs warmly received over the past couple of years now leading us to this debut release, where the blogosphere buzz ends and they become a fully functioning act of high [...]

With sites like Soundcloud twisting the knife into the compilation CD, it takes something special to stand out from the sheer saturation of the market. A compilation has to actually teach you something to be relevant, otherwise why pay for something that has about as much musical adventure as a Spotify click?
Metal Dance 2, the [...]

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