Well well, look who finally got round to releasing a long player. Ten years since his first release, Norwegian producer Todd Terje has enjoyed an elevated status over the past couple of years, be it through the immense Re-masters of the Universe remix collection, his infamous re-edits or the ubiquitous “Inspector Norse”, pointlessly tagged onto [...]

When Canadian duo Crystal Castles emerged in 2006, their Skins endorsed lo-fi techno pop set the template for what was to dominate the European music scene over subsequent years. Calling yourself electro is passé these days, and it’s normally not electro. Drexciya is electro, ‘Planet Rock’ is electro, Crystal Castles and anything contemporary masquerading under [...]

1994, the seeds of the crazily over-rated Brit Pop were just sprouting into the snotty nosed second rate indie bands it spawned, let us not remember Shampoo right now shall we?

It’s easy for a band to rest on their Laurels and become their own covers band. Oasis spring to mind immediately, they did it for 14 years, raked in the cash whilst revisiting the glory days when they were influential and throw out another fogettable rehash of their good stuff and dare to call it [...]

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