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Back in 2009 P. Diddy recorded a track with German techno master DJ Hell called “The DJ”. During its nine minutes, Diddy rallies against DJs playing four minute tracks: “You gotta hit em with that 13/14 minute version, you gotta hit em with that shit where they marinate, where they just engulfed in that shit”. [...]

German producer Marco Niemerski has spent a long time getting to this point. Under his Tensnake name, he became synonymous with quality house music with speed, thanks to being informed by a love of disco and being rather masterly when it came to production.
This debut long player arrives after almost a decade of standalone tracks, [...]

Even before you press play, you pretty much know what you’re getting when listening to something on DFA records. Recent albums from Factory Floor, Holy Ghost! and tracks from their secret weapon The Juan MacLean all slotted into their kinda indie/kinda dance/kinda tech sounds of choice, and Marcus Lambkin’s second album as shit robot – [...]

People like Andrew Weatherall, Giles Peterson, Norman Jay, Stuart Maconie (whose Freakzone show on BBC Radio 6 Music remains absolutely essential) and of course, Ashley Beedle function as musical educators, enriching our knowledge by sharing their own, regardless of genre limitation: they teacher, we, pupil.
Beedle’s latest lesson is a masterclass in the art of the [...]

Disco, a dirty word for so long, is currently undergoing a period of renaissance, especially for the big producers from the golden period. Nile Rogers & Giorgio Moroder are recording again and enjoying profiles higher than ever; a lost soundtrack to 70’s gay porn films by Patrick Cowley was recently uncovered and released to coincide [...]

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