5. The Horrors – Moving further away
This was the showpiece of The Horrors’ third album ‘Skying’, an astonishing eight minutes of metronomic krautrock, droning guitar feedback and even dronier vocals pitched against deep propulsive basslines culminating in something which is almost techno-like in its construction. After five minutes of this it collapses into a druggy [...]

10. Still Corners – Into the trees
Coming from a similar reference point as Faris Badwan’s side project Cats Eyes, this Greenwich based duo merged Joe Meek’s fuzzy production with Cocteau Twins and early 90’s shoegaze to gripping effect Their overly dramatic sounds and musical vision enabled them to make wide screen music with a small [...]

14. Fuyjia & Miyagi – Ventrilloquizzing
If you ever fancy hearing post punk funk basslines hurled across repetitive krautrock rhythms and creepy lyrics about the dependant nature of ventriloquism, all thrown together in a blender with early Kratwerk and Suicide bsides…it sounds like this.

24. Yuksek– On a train
French electro producer Yuksek took a more song based approach towards his second album, this year’s ‘Living on the edge of time’. This tune featuring Kele from Bloc Party was a colossal indie pop anthem which is easily the best thing Kele has done with or without the rest of his [...]

30. Den Haan – Gods from outerspace.
A ridiculous mix of Patrick Cowley, late Italo disco, Daft Punk and John Michel Jarre, relocate the lot up to Scotland and it sounds like this…

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