So here goes the top ten….tell us what you think!
10.The Fall – Bury
Ole craggy face and his band came up with the goods when they finally had the money to get a decent producer in via their latest label Domino (Franz, Artic Monkeys). Bury (with its chorus on ‘I’m not from Bury’) was The Fall [...]

20. DJ Hell Feat Bryan Ferry – U can dance
In reality, despite being told that he is, Bryan Ferry has never been cool and when Roxy were at the height of their fame he wasn’t even second coolest in the band. With age come odious sons and dubious politics of them both but that can [...]

30. Klaxons – Flashover
When the Klaxon’s finally followed up their over-rated 2007 debut ‘Myths of the near future’ in 2010 with ‘Surfing the void’, it was the sound of a band throwing their toys out of their pram after numerous refusals by their label to release their new output. This taster for the album promised [...]

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