As proven with the recent loft discovery and subsequent re-release of two albums by Lewis, a forgotten synth artist from the 80’s (think James Blake’s long lost lothario uncle), we still love a bit of the unknown, a little mystery, especially in these click happy days where any enigma is gone.
Ashrae Fax, a North Carolina [...]

Since dropping their debut album Red Bloom of the Boom in 2007, Brooklyn three piece Bear in Heaven have been on a steady upward trajectory. It helped that their second album, 2010’s Beast Rest Fourth Mouth contained one of those tracks that ends up being a ubiquitous indie anthem (See fellow Brooklyn acts The Walkmen [...]

Considering how there was a collective gasp with the news of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor being a double LP, anything longer than 40 minutes seems to be nothing more than musical onanism on the part of the artist these days. Nick Harte – AKA New Zealand’s Shocking Pinks – is evidently unaware of this unspoken expectation.
Endless [...]

One of the greatest rock n roll soundbites of all time was of course from Richie “Manic” Edwards. Back in 1991, with the Manic Street Preachers’ stock rising, he twisted the knife into shoegazers Slowdive by declaring he’d always hate them “more than Hitler”. At the time this was incredibly galvanising, the transparency of the [...]

Back in the Eighties, when freaks definitely were not beautiful, a band performing West Coast psychedelia, but not in a West Coast way, and 10 minute lysergic mantras was a genuinely weird thing. These days, things are so sanitised a band as stagnant as MGMT make a couple of highly average albums and because they [...]

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