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Frankie Said:
ZTT, a label started up by journalist and professional Manc Paul Morley, producer Trevor Horn and Jill Sinclair, celebrate their thirtieth year of existence with this bunch of re-issues. Safe to say the label was at the peak of its powers in the mid Eighties, but as these releases attest, they released a fair [...]

14. Fuyjia & Miyagi – Ventrilloquizzing
If you ever fancy hearing post punk funk basslines hurled across repetitive krautrock rhythms and creepy lyrics about the dependant nature of ventriloquism, all thrown together in a blender with early Kratwerk and Suicide bsides…it sounds like this.

In the thirty years since the release of their ‘Dare’ album, Human League have successfully flirted with respect AND ridicule. After their surprise mid nineties comeback with ‘Tell Me When’ and the album ‘Octopus’ they fell into another one of their creative slumps and with the event of 80’s package tours – keeping forgotten pop [...]

Is the world ready for a Police revival? The answer is of course no but their fourth album ‘Ghost In The Machine’ is definitely a regular spin on the record deck of Frederic Riviere, at some points of this album you almost expect a cod reggae voice to start singing about some twaddle about the [...]

It’s easy for a band to rest on their Laurels and become their own covers band. Oasis spring to mind immediately, they did it for 14 years, raked in the cash whilst revisiting the glory days when they were influential and throw out another fogettable rehash of their good stuff and dare to call it [...]

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