On the 18th of May of each year, fans from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the pit of Lancashire known as Macclesfield to pay tribute to Ian Curtis. Coming up to the thirty second year since death at his own hand, the passion of fans has only become more fervent whilst the [...]

Primal Scream have been us now in one form or another since 1982. The first tracks to gain public interest were during the nascent C86 indie scene of strangely enough, 1986 with jangly pop tracks like All fall down and Velocity Girl.
After a couple of false starts with their first two albums, they tapped right [...]

Peter Hook’s finest achievement in the last 20 years was preventing Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris releasing any more awful albums as New Order. New Order died when Gillian Morris left the band. The two albums released since she left; 2001’s Get Ready and Waiting for the siren’s call in 2005 tarnished the reputation of a [...]

As you are fully aware, the original snivelling bedwetters Coldplay have returned to cast a dark shadow over musical integrity and taste and oh boy are we lapping it up. There are literally millions of people who don’t actually like music getting all excited about that one gig a year they go to and seeing [...]


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