Frantic Vs Trade 2001
In 2001 the only atmosphere that could rival Trade at Turnmills (Ian M, Steve Thomas, Alan Thompson & The Sharp Boys in the other room) was Frantic, the club i was resident at for 5 years. I had the privilige of djing at the Frantic vs Trade event at midnight til 1.30 [...]

DJ Chris Todd – KILLDISCO vol 1 (April 2011)
A new mix series following on from the Brixton Electro sessions, KILLDISCO is two hours of electro, techno, indie, disco and house music

Another digitised mix from the infamous house parties at the Ave, crammed with loads of hard house and techno. This is so fast, how could people keep up with it…oh yeah…..
The Ave House party – Old School hard house set 1999

If you remember what happened at these infamous parties – you WEREN’T THERE! There was no party as wild as this one. Take one decrepit house, loads of Southern hemisphere types, enough booze to sink 10 Gazzas and rickety sound systems that sometimes slipped off the tables they were on due to the sweat that [...]

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