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After initially dismissing playing live as something only for traditional rock bands such as U2 early in their career, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe’s change of heart at the end of the ‘80s is something of a gift to the art of live performance. Pet Shop Boys are proven masters of the theatrical, an all-inclusive [...]

Since its inception in 2006, Brighton’s Great Escape festival has been a steady burner, picking up the pace over the last couple of years. Now in its eighth iteration, they are the unofficial festival circuit opener.
The sprawling mass of venues makes TGE an attractive proposition and amongst the headline acts, Everything Everything and the oddly [...]

It takes guts for a band to put their hands up and acknowledge that what they are doing isn’t working and start again. It’s something that The Horrors did to great effect, also when Joe Lean’s Jing Jang Jong went wrong, they took to their Neu! albums and reinvented themselves as brilliant glumgazers TOY, this [...]

In the space of just a year, TOY have made the shift from being “Ones to Watch” to the makers of one of the finest rock albums of 2012 and a shatteringly exciting live act, making it all look relatively easy. Through an understanding label, great producer and endless live gigs, the hard graft has [...]

The most ironic thing about My Bloody Valentine’s surprise third album release in February was that out of all the reactivated rock acts from the early ’90s, MBV, one of the more slovenly acts from that era have actually managed to add a point to their reformation with new music. When they played a warm [...]

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